Got the recruitment blues?

Are you currently looking for new engineers or sales staff for your company? Are you finding it tough? You are not alone…

Any installation company is only as good as its people. Whether it is engineers, sales staff or admin personnel you need for your organisation there is a shortage of new talent coming through which could stifle your company’s growth.

At the upcoming SiX event at EventCity Manchester the two-day installer-led seminar stream will address the issues that could be hindering your company from achieving success, including recruitment. Don’t miss these two presentations if you want to attract the right people and avoid losing your best employees:


Day One 5th November 2019

12.00-12.30 Recruitment and retention

Your engineers are vital to the success of your business but how can you make sure that they want to remain with you? And if you do have a space to fill finding the right person for the job can be a tricky proposition considering the availability of quality installers. – Presented by Brett Ennals, Managing Director, Cento


Day Two 6th November 2019

12.30-13.00 Attracting new talent (sales and engineers)

With a widely acknowledged shortage of quality engineers and skilled sales staff, could one solution be to look to other sectors for future stars in addition to the security pool? Also, how can you make your company an attractive proposition for new employees and generations? – Presented by George Zitko, Managing Director, Zitko Consulting

Attendance, parking and seminar entry is all free at SiX so REGISTER now to avoid missing the security event designed specifically for you