SiX 2019 Programme
The SiX seminar streams break the mould of trade event theatre presentations as they have been developed with the installer in mind, not the system manufacturer whose aim is to promote a product or service. Independent presentations mean that there are no sales pitches or biased messages. The two streams have been compiled by the two leading security industry publications PSI and Benchmark with a view to maximising the value of attending the event. The PSI Stream is concerned with developing your business while the Benchmark stream looks at the use of technology to achieve optimum results.
Growing your Security Installation Business


The PSI seminar stream consists of key information regarding the day-to-day running, growth and success of security installation businesses. Delegates will pick up advice on a range of subjects concerning staff, sales and finance to help develop their company performance and meet the demands of the modern environment.

Also covered will be the thorny subject of GDPR but for both the installation company and the systems being fitted. Independent experts will look at best practice for the business contracted to carry out the work and also for the customer who is processing the information.

This impartial series is aimed at the managers and owners of UK security installation businesses with the subject matter covering those topics raised by PSI readers as being of particular interest.

Creating Smart Solutions


The evolving technological landscape now presents an increased level of flexibility to those designing, specifying and implementing smart security and business solutions. Where once the investment in such systems was something of a ‘grudge purchase’, the ability to deliver smart solutions adds value for the customer, delivers a wider range of business benefits and, as such, enhances return on investment.

By exploiting the potential on offer from emerging technologies, integrators and installers can not only differentiate themselves by offering more flexible and efficient systems, but can also ensure their solutions not only meet, but exceed, the growing expectations of end users.

The Benchmark seminar stream will appeal to system integrators, security installers, specifiers and consultants who are seeking to design and implement best-of-breed solutions which offer high levels of security, smart functionality and a bespoke solution for today’s customers.

It is surprising how little time is invested by business owners and management in the security sector in growing the service contract base and related income streams, when most of the profits and the value of the company are in the service area. The focus of this presentation will be on providing practical strategies to grow your service business.

Your engineers are vital to the success of your business but how can you make sure that they want to remain with you? And if you do have a space to fill finding the right person for the job can be a tricky proposition considering the availability of quality installers.

A general session aimed specifically at questions and answers from delegates relating to general GDPR requirements what organisations should be doing that may have been overlooked or misunderstood. The speaker will answer questions from the floor relating to general enquiries, more specific enquiries relating to surveillance and CCTV and other forms of security systems, including digital recognition systems such as biometrics and facial recognition. Also the role of DPO and compliance with user rights and DSAR requests.

Keeping a business secure against the ever increasing cyber threat is critical for any organisation. As Government and, increasingly, the private sector look to ensure a secure supply chain, this session will highlight how maintaining good cyber security can deliver real opportunities to gain and retain business.

Ever wanted to put a question to the industry trade associations and certifiers? Now is your chance with the PSI Question Time panel, ready to address any concerns or queries in an open forum discussion about the security and fire sectors.

This session is aimed at how to make sure your customers purchasing such systems understand their responsibilities on the use of the data captured and how to account for it under the new privacy legislation.

Recurring revenue is the life’s blood of any business model and is the true value and worth of any security company. Find out how you can raise your standing with well-managed and developed recurring business revenue structure.

With a widely acknowledged shortage of quality engineers and skilled sales staff, could one solution be to look to other sectors for future stars in addition to the security pool? Also, how can you make your company an attractive proposition for new employees and generations?

This session will take a look at the challenges faced raising finance for small businesses, and give an overview of the different types of finance which exist for small businesses.

You have worked hard most of your adult life to build a successful security business, Now the time has come to decide how to exit or transition from your business. This may be the biggest decision you have ever faced. It is your opportunity to do it right with guidance. This is both an important personal event as well as a financial transaction.

As an organisation developing common protocols for system interoperability, ONVIF has created a number of technical profiles which simplify integrations. This seminar will look at how the organisation is developing new solutions which will assist in the creation of bespoke system as new technologies impact on the security sector.

As technologies become smarter, the industry emphasis on selling ‘products’ must change. Customers don’t want to know what devices are being offered, but instead must understand how the systems will solve their everyday problems. This seminar will address how integrators and installers must highlight the benefits available from systems to ensure end users understand the value on offer.

As the security sector rapidly migrates onto network-based platforms, the issue of cybersecurity must be taken seriously. In many cases, regulations and legislation impacts on end users. As a result, integrators and installers must not only be aware of the changing regulations, but must also ensure they can demonstrate compliance to corporate clients.

The cloud is increasingly becoming an important element with regard to the delivery of smart systems and intelligent solutions. As enhanced flexibility is demanded by an increasing number of end users, the functionality inherent in cloud services can play a greater role in delivering accurate insights in a timely fashion.

For many years, the topology of systems has centred around a centralised approach, predominantly because the restrictions of legacy infrastructure didn’t allow any other approach. Today’s technology allows a decentralised approach, which in turn allows the design and implementation of more efficient systems.

The creation of logical rules based upon rigger events and subsequent actions is one of the most beneficial features of VMS solutions. This seminar looks at how integrators and installers can use this functionality to create bespoke solutions which deliver added value to end users.

Increasingly, end users want the earliest possible warning of potential intrusions, allowing them to take action in a timely manner and address situations. This can be achieved by moving the first line of detection to the perimeter of site, enhancing the level of protection on offer.

Confirmed speaker from HikVision

OSSA has been formed by industry leaders to help create a unified approach for the industry with regard to the adoption of IoT technologies. This seminar will outline how OSSA intends to achieve this, and what the benefits will be for system integrators and security installers.

Confirmed speaker from Open Security and Safety Alliance

As advances in technology push system design into a more software-based sector, integrators and installers need to implement defined strategies to address on-going threats and risks if customers are to view them as trusted partners. This seminar will examine the best ways of achieving this.

Metadata offers a valuable addition to video surveillance data, and can provide insights which provide both security- and business-related advantages for many sites. This seminar will look at how metadata can be used to enhance system performance in an effective and cost-efficient manner, increasing the overall return on investment.

An insight into how cost effective GPU technology is gradually taking over the more CPU intensive tasks in IP Surveillance. This seminar takes a look at GPU use in AI, recorder and client side decoding and mobile transcoding creating cheaper but more powerful server technology.

As security systems increasingly gather data that can be used for both security and additional site management tasks, so there is a need to understand why different types of data, such as alphanumeric data and streaming video footage, place different demands upon storage systems.