Ray Ford

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  • Ray Ford
    A results orientated experienced Business Technology Leader with over 30 years’ experience in Storage, Networking, Virtualisation, Telecommunications and Internet of Things technologies. A technology leader capable of transitioning organisations from their legacy inherited architectures to more effective information based organisations capable of leveraging their most valuable asset, customer data, to become true market leaders, bringing together the top engineering talent and innovative technology solutions to deliver the operational business outcome companies require. Having spent over a decade developing Data Governance Solutions including migrating unstructured legacy content systems and integrating Object Based Storage models to supply application agnostic data across businesses. Over the last 5 years I have focused on combating fraud in the Insurance and Automotive sectors developing covert telematics IoT solutions and providing expert witness support to both Regional Police Agencies and National Criminal Agencies in combating Overt Criminal Gang activities. Being a Scientist at heart I ensure the same rigour is applied to data visibility, retention, and governance compliance functions as was applied to my former research in biological science.